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5 Secrets to Caring for Your Hybrid Car in Houston, Texas

Does My Hybrid Car Need a Special Technician?

If you own a hybrid car or you’re thinking about buying a hybrid, you’re going to ask yourself this question. The simple and straightforward answer is yes. Do not ever trust an average mechanic in Houston, Texas with your hybrid car. You need a professional auto technician who specializes in hybrid vehicles. So, when it comes time to bring your car in for auto repairs, consider these five factors before choosing any auto repair shop…


  1. Safety
  2. Specifications
  3. Tools
  4. Affordability
  5. Location


  1. Safety

Standard gasoline and petrol cars use power systems with a battery cell around 14 volts, but electric hybrid cars use much more. Hybrids use powerful cells that go well beyond 700 volts, in most cases. This means the technician can harm themselves if they are unaware of the dangers with this high voltage. Plus, it’s possible they leave an insulation element loose and add a fire or electrocution risk to your driving. Remember, electric vehicles have the potential to kill even while standing still. You do not want additional risks after bringing your car in for simple repairs.

  1. Specifications

No matter how much you trust your auto technician, if they’re not aware of the manufacturer’s guidelines for your car, look for another service station. Auto repairs are not a guessing game, especially for a hybrid car. There are specific service intervals, electric motor checks and maintenance procedures to follow. Even small tasks like cleaning the battery pack are unique to a hybrid vehicle. A minor mistake may cost you much more to repair later. So, visit a shop where they have qualifications for hybrid cars and hybrid specifications.

  1. Tools

Visiting an auto shop that isn’t well equipped for hybrid cars is risky. Your whole visit could be a waste of time and money if the technicians do not have the right tools. Many auto technicians will dig into your car until they hit a wall. At a certain point, they decide they don’t want to take full responsibility for the repair. So, don’t waste your time with workshops lead by uncertain and unreliable technicians. You need the right tools when working on a hybrid car.

  1. Affordability

If you find technicians that are certified to work on your hybrid, do not be fooled. Some shops will increase the labor charges for hybrid vehicles. Even though a hybrid car runs differently than a standard gasoline vehicle, there are affordable auto shops in Houston, Texas that will repair your car without extra fees. Always ask for an estimate before letting the technicians start on auto repairs.

  1. Location

Lastly, one of the most crucial factors is the location of the auto repair shop. A service station with the right technicians, tools and costs is worth driving for. However, there is a local shop in Houston, Texas that services all cars. Santa Ana Auto Care proudly serves hybrids in Houston with full service, safety and customer satisfaction. Santa Ana Auto Care accepts walk ins and offers special discount when you schedule an appointment online. Call 713-965-1145 to learn more about our hybrid service in Houston, Texas at Santa Ana Auto Care.

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