4 Ways to Master the Most Important Auto Care for Back to School Time

Either you’re going back to school, your child is going back to school or you’ve seen other families prepare for back to school time. Yes, this is an important time to shop for clothes and school supplies, but don’t forget about your car. Your vehicle is going back to school too. Once school starts, your family will go back to a typical routine with a morning and afternoon commute. In addition to your tax-free shopping for jeans and notebooks, remember to give your car the attention it deserves. Here are four ways to master the most important auto care for back to school time in Houston, Texas.

1. Read the owner’s manual
2. Remember the basics
3. Get computer diagnostics
4. Be an organized car owner

These four steps seem easy, but many drivers in Houston, Texas will still fail to follow along with this advice. It’s up to you to keep up with your car. So, stick to these four tips when getting your car ready for school.

Read the Owner’s Manual

If you don’t know where to start with auto repairs for your car, look to the owner’s manual. It may be overwhelming at first. However, this is valuable information you must know. Every detail about your car is in the owner’s manual. That’s why manufacturers create a specific owner’s guide for the individual car make and model.

Remember the Basics

Let’s say, you lost the owner’s manual, or you simply don’t want to read it. We’re all human and it happens. Santa Ana Auto Care recommends reading the owner’s guide first, but the next step for back to school auto care is basic repairs. For example, an oil change and engine tune up are both standard tasks for any automotive maintenance. Along with tire rotations and exhaust cleanings, start with a basic routine then go from there.

Get Computer Diagnostics

After taking care of your car’s basic repairs and maintenance, go deeper. Some drivers may recognize a message on the dashboard of their car or truck. If the check engine light is on, you know your car needs further assistance. Even if there are no signals or lights visible, bring your car in for standardized testing. You want to be ready for school and the daily commute. An exhaust test, brake check and similar auto repairs are always helpful.

Be an Organized Car Owner

In the spirit of back to school time, get organized. Students need to keep their notes and homework in order so do the same for your vehicle. If you’ve brought your car in for previous auto repairs, keep a folder with any receipts or warranty information. You’ll have a record of when your car had its last set of auto repairs. This will help with the overall maintenance. Keep the paperwork in a folder or save the digital files to your phone.

The Most Important Auto Care for Back to School Time

Master these four steps and your car will be good to go by the first day of school. Some auto repair shops have a special back to school discounts too. Santa Ana Auto Care offers discounts and coupons to their customers in Houston, Texas. Schedule your appointment online and save up to 10 percent on any auto repair. Santa Ana Auto Care has been in business since 1979 and our auto technicians are ASE certified. We’re here for all your back to school auto repairs and more. Call 713-956-1145 to schedule your auto repair in Houston, Texas today.

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