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Santa Ana Auto Care has been serving Houston, Texas, since 1979. We know how important it is to have a full functioning car AC. Our auto AC services include a detailed inspection, fluid refills, climate control, 234yf machine service, and filter replacement. Our auto repair specialists get your car's AC working right the first time. You will enjoy the cleanest and coolest air with our AC services. As a rule, if you notice problems with your car’s air conditioner, pull into Santa Ana Auto Care for a free AC inspection.

When your auto AC is blowing hot air or no air at all, our team identifies the problem and solution to your auto repair. A small leak can ruin your AC and hurt the entire car. Any weird smells from the AC, above all, need immediate attention. Every auto AC system runs with a strong air compressor, condenser and evaporator. Together with those three parts, the AC also needs fresh coolant flowing through its system. So, without the essential parts of an auto AC system, drivers will suffer from the endless Houston heat. In addition to our other services, Santa Ana Auto Care offers expert AC repairs for all makes and models. We are also now serving our customers with the 1234yf machine to help with AC refrigerant needs!

Houston Car AC Repair Service

Car AC Repair

Car AC repairs and inspections with Santa Ana Auto Care take minutes at our local garage. Our car AC mechanics inspect the condenser, filters, fluid levels and more with expert auto care. Feel cool, calm and comfortable with a powerful AC in your vehicle today!

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