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Signs You Need a Fuel Pump Service for Your Holiday Travels

The holiday season is here, and many Houston, Texas, residents are getting ready to travel to visit friends and family. When driving long distances, your fuel pump plays a major role in keeping you and your passengers safe, along with saving you money at the fuel pump. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we know everyone…
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Is Your Car Pulling to One Side? Here’s What You Should Do

When it comes to your commute, few things are more annoying than a car that won’t drive straight on the road. Many Houston, Texas, drivers know that this is a problem, but may not know what to look for to address the problem. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we believe every drive should be smooth…
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Everything You Need to Know About Your Cabin Air Filter

While fall typically isn’t known as “allergy season,” it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the feature in your car that helps clean your cabin air. Many Houston, Texas, drivers know that their car has a cabin air filter but may not know exactly what it does or when it should be replaced. At Santa…
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