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Bringing in 2018 with a New Car? Read These Tips to Keep it in Great Condition

Many people rang in the new ear with a brand-new car. If you’re one of them, you probably want to keep it in great condition. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that extending the life of your new car is important, so we’ve listed some tips that will keep your car running in-top shape for years to come:


  1. Have Your Car Washed Regularly

A new car is a major investment, so it makes sense to keep the exterior looking great. Regular car washings are a great way to maintain that coveted new-car finish. It prevents dead bugs, dirt, chemicals, and bird droppings from sitting on the car and stripping away the paint. You can take your car to be professionally washed, or you can do it yourself. If you choose to go the DIY-route, just make sure to use a product designed specifically for cars, rather than household cleaning agents that can also strip off paint.


  1. Replace Your Air Filter When Needed

Over time, the air filter of your car can get clogged with dirt and other gunk. Think of the air filter as your car’s lungs – you want to make sure to keep it clean. Clogged air filters can reduce acceleration by 6% to 11%. Under normal driving conditions, most air filters will last 30,000-45,00 miles. However, driving in dusty or heavily polluted areas can cause the air filter to clog sooner. Check your owner’s manual for the exact recommendations for your car.


  1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Purchase a high-quality tire gauge for your new car’s tires. Use the gauge to regularly check the tire pressure and ensure that all tires are properly inflated. This helps improve the fuel economy, reduce tire wear, and lets you know that your car is properly aligned.


  1. Get Regular Oil Changes

Regularly changing the oil is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your car is running in top form. Going too long without changing the oil can void your new car’s warranty and cause engine failure that leads to costly repairs.


  1. Keep Up with Scheduled Services

Take a look at your owner’s manual to learn about when your car needs scheduled maintenance services. These services usually involve checking or replacing wires, spark plugs, and timing belts. As time goes on, these services may also include replacing other major parts. Keeping up with these scheduled services keeps your new car running smoothly and safely.


Getting a new car is an exciting experience, but it’s important to remember that a new car is an investment that you want to protect for years to come. These tips can help keep your car in the best shape possible, both internally and externally. To extend the life of your new car, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145. We provide the highest quality automotive services in the Houston, Texas area.

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