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Don’t Believe These Myths About Changing Your Oil

For such a simple service, a regular oil change is essential for your car. However, many myths can keep Houston, Texas, drivers from knowing some important facts about changing their oil. At Santa Ana Auto care, we know how important it is to know the facts about oil changes, so we’ve laid out some common…
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Use This Article to Help Your Car Last as Long as Possible

Many drivers in Houston, Texas, know that a car is a major investment. Because of this, keeping it lasting as long as possible is usually a priority. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that drivers want to extend the life of their car, so we’ve laid out some helpful tips that will keep your…
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Your Fall Car Care Checklist

Fall has officially arrived, and with the new season comes new driving conditions that your car needs to be ready for. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that Houston, Texas, drivers want their car to run at its best this season, so we’ve laid out a complete checklist to get your car ready for…
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