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Engine Sputtering Is Your Worst Enemy: 4 Ways To Defeat It

Your engine is, arguably, the most important component of your car. That’s why many Houston, Texas, drivers become concerned when they hear that dreaded “sputtering” noise. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that it’s important to have an engine that’s in great shape, so we’ve laid out some reasons behind your engine sputtering that can be addressed with the help of a professional automobile shop.

  • Your Spark Plugs are Worn Out

Your spark plugs are an essential part of your engine, and if they are in need of a replacement, engine sputtering can occur. These components of your vehicle create a spark that powers your car. However, they can become worn and dirty over time, causing problems with the engine like a “sputtering” noise and, if left ignored, complete engine failure. A technician will be able to replace your spark plugs and get your engine running smoothly again.

  • There’s a Problem with the Fuel System

This is one of the most common causes of a sputtering engine. Your fuel system consists of the fuel filter, pump, and injectors. Together, these components help fuel flow smoothly from the tank to the injectors, helping to create the combustion that allows your car to move. However, dirt and other debris can clog the system – even one clogged component can affect the way your car functions. A professional Houston, Texas, auto shop will be able to address the issue and prevent that concerning “sputtering” sound.

  • There’s a Problem with the Catalytic Converter

The purpose of the catalytic convertor is to reduce the amount of pollution that your car emits. Essentially, it converts dangerous compounds like nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide into safer compounds, like water or carbon dioxide. However, if there’s a problem with this component, it can lead to a sputtering engine. An automotive technician will be able to replace the faulty converter and put a stop to engine sputtering.

  • Your Mass Airflow Sensor is Dirty

Your car’s mass airflow sensor helps regulate the weight and temperature of the air that enters your engine. If the sensor is dirty, it can lead to more than just a “sputtering” noise and can cause complete engine failure. A Houston, Texas, automobile shop can take a look at your vehicle and determine if a dirty mass airflow sensor is the reason behind your engine sputtering. Engine sputtering can be alarming, but a professional technician can help identify the underlying cause and address the problem. For professional automotive services to get your engine running smoothly again, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145 or visit https://santaanaautocare.com/auto-repair-services/engine-repair-service/.

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