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Everything You Need to Know About Your Cabin Air Filter

While fall typically isn’t known as “allergy season,” it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the feature in your car that helps clean your cabin air. Many Houston, Texas, drivers know that their car has a cabin air filter but may not know exactly what it does or when it should be replaced. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we know that understanding the components in your car is important, so we’ve laid out everything you need to know about your cabin air filter:


What is a Cabin Air Filter?

A cabin air filter is a useful feature found on a majority of late-model vehicles. The filter cleans the air you breathe while in your vehicle as it enters the interior through the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system. It traps allergens like dust and pollen to help prevent respiratory problems while driving in your car. Just as with many of the features in your vehicle, the cabin air filter requires routine replacement in order to work properly. Typically, you should aim to replace the cabin air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, however, each vehicle will have specific guidelines written in the owner’s manual. You should also be alert to signs that indicate you may need a cabin air filter change sooner than you thought.


How Do I Know When it’s Time to Change the Cabin Air Filter?

There are some warning signs that can alert that it’s time for a cabin air filter change:


  1. Reduced Air Flow

One of the most common signs of a failing cabin air filter is reduced air flow within the vehicle. If the filter is dirty, it will not be able to effectively allow clean, incoming air to the car’s cabin. Because of this, you’ll notice weak air flow when turning on your air conditioning system. Additionally, this can also result in problems with the AC blower motor, as a result of the increased workflow. Stop by your local Houston auto shop to replace your cabin air filter and keep your AC system strong.



  1. Odd Smells

An easily-noticeable sign of needing a cabin air filter replacement is odd odors coming from your vents. If your filter is not clean, you will notice a musty, dirty smell coming from your vents. If your air filter is making it unpleasant to drive, it’s a good sign you need to visit a Houston, Texas, auto mechanic for a replacement.



  1. Reduced Fuel Mileage

No one likes to constantly stop at the pump to fuel their vehicle, so if you’re noticing more frequent trips to the gas station, you may want to consider replacing your cabin air filter. Your car’s engine makes up for the lower amounts of oxygen by using more fuel to produce power. As a result, you’ll notice a decrease in your overall fuel economy. To avoid frequent visits to the pump, visit a Houston automotive shop for a cabin air filter replacement.


Your cabin air filter plays an important role in keeping your commute comfortable, so it’s important to know when it needs a replacement. For professional automotive services in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145.

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