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Your Fall Car Care Checklist

Fall has officially arrived, and with the new season comes new driving conditions that your car needs to be ready for. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that Houston, Texas, drivers want their car to run at its best this season, so we’ve laid out a complete checklist to get your car ready for fall:



  1. Check Your Cooling System

While we may be done with the heat of summer, coolant is necessary for your vehicle at any time of the year. This important system prevents problems by keeping your car running at an optimal temperature. This season be sure to stop by a Houston automobile shop for a complete inspection of your cooling system. Professional technicians will be able to address problems like coolant or radiator leaks. Additionally, an auto shop technician will be able to flush the fluids in your system, meaning you can start the season without worrying about low coolant levels and the problems that they can cause.



  1. Have Your Brakes Inspected

With the increased rainfall that comes along with this season, it’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected. If your brakes aren’t working at their best, they may not perform the way you need them to, especially on wet roads. To make sure your brakes are in top shape, visit an auto center for a professional brake inspection. Technicians will be able to alert you of any needed repairs or replacements that can help improve your ability to stop on even the rainiest fall day.



  1. Check Your Lights

Days become shorter during the fall season, so you’ll need to be sure your lights are working so other drivers can see you on the road. While your car is parked, take some time to walk around and inspect the lights. Make sure the headlights, tail lights, brake light, and flashers are all bright enough for other drivers to see. If you notice any problems with your lights, speak to a professional auto technician about replacing them with a new bulb.



  1. Look Under the Hood

Take some time to check under your car’s hood to look for any important components of your vehicle that need replacing. Check for problems like leaks or cracks and give the hoses a squeeze to see if they feel brittle or spongy. Additionally, give the drive belts a quick visual inspection to see if they are fraying and in need of replacement. If any items under the hood need to be replaced, visit your local Houston auto shop to address any problems.



  1. Check Your Heater and Defroster

Autumn brings cooler weather, so you’ll be needing the heater and defroster to be in good working order as the cooler temperatures come in. Make sure your heater is blowing warm air and ensure that both the front and back window defrosters are up to the task of clearing foggy windows. If you suspect a problem, a professional automotive technician will be able to help with a professional repair.


Is your vehicle ready for fall? This checklist will help keep your car in top condition all season long. For professional automotive services in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145.

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