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Follow These Easy Car Care Tips for a Hassle-Free Spring

Spring has officially arrived, and many Houston, Texas, residents are excited for the warmer temperatures and fun events that come along with the season. However, many drivers don’t realize that neglecting important auto care services can quickly lead to unwanted hassle. As a trusted name in auto care in Houston, Texas, Santa Ana Auto Care understands that everyone wants their car to be running safely and smoothly this season, so we’ve listed some easy car care tips that can help you have a hassle-free spring:

  1. Examine Your Car’s AC

With the warmer temperatures that come along with spring, the last thing you want is to be stuck with an AC that doesn’t work properly. Make sure your vehicle is prepared for warm weather by taking some time to test the AC. Turn the fan on and run it at all speeds to make sure that the airflow is strong, and that cold air is being dispersed throughout the car. If you notice that the AC isn’t running as well as it should be, take your car in for an auto AC repair at a trusted automotive shop.


  1. Check Your Brakes

Chances are, the slick, icy roads Houston, Texas, experienced this winter had you using your brakes a bit more often. All that frequent braking can easily lead to wear and tear, meaning your brakes may not perform as well as they should. To help ensure your brakes will last you through the new season, be on the look out for anything abnormal when braking. A grinding noise or vibration when applying your brakes indicates that the winter driving conditions took a heavy toll on your vehicle. Take your car in for a brake repair as soon as you notice any problems, as they are a major line of defense for avoiding a collision.


  1. Check Your Tire Tread

With spring comes an increased amount of rainfall, meaning Houston, Texas, drivers will be on wet roads more often. Tire tread is essential to grip these wet roads to ensure your car doesn’t slide as you drive. Give your tire tread a quick check to keep yourself and other passengers in your car safe this season. An easy way to do this is by using the “penny test.” Insert a penny into the groove of your tire tread upside down, with Lincoln’s head facing you. If you can see his entire head, it means that your tires need to be replaced to keep you driving safely.


  1. Check the Belts

The cold winter temperatures often weaken the belts in your car. Nothing ruins a warm spring day like a snapped or broken belt in your vehicle.  Give your belts a quick visual inspection to check for any fraying, cracking, or splitting. Additionally, take this time to check the tension of the belt. There should be no more than one inch of give. If you notice any problems with the belts during the inspection, it’s time to visit your local Houston auto shop to address the issue.

Many Houston, Texas, residents are ready to welcome the new season, but it’s important that your car is ready as well. To get your car ready for spring, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145. We are Houston’s leading name in auto care.

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