Protect Your Family and Get These Repairs for Your Car Before Going Anywhere this Summer

Summer is here, but as every season changes, it is time for you to check your car and perform some maintenance tasks that will help you drive safely and prepare for the summer. Here are repairs for your car you need to protect your family before going anywhere this summer...

• Change the Tires

It’s time to change the tires to summer tires. The heat during the summertime wears down all tires faster than any other season. It is dangerous to drive at higher speeds when the tires cannot support your vehicle. The hotter is gets and the faster you drive both affect the tires of your car so look into summer tires.

• Check the Tire Pressure

If you are not using different tires for the summer, you still have to check the tire pressure and make sure that you’re in the acceptable pressure value range. The changes in the weather temperature affect the pressure in the tires as per the thermodynamics laws. That said, you should never neglect to frequently check the tire pressures and add or reduce it when necessary.

• Check the Wheels, Rims and Alignment

During the spring, the rains are frequent and dangerous potholes lurk hidden and ready to damage your precious aluminium wheels. This is why you should always visit Santa Ana Auto Care to check your wheel alignment. Our technicians at Santa Ana Auto Care check repairs for your car before the Houston, Texas summer. If you notice inexplicable steering wheel vibrations and side pulling while holding it on a straight position, then you’re definitely facing a problem of this kind.

• Change the Engine Oil:

Because of the change in the temperatures, the change of seasons is ideal for a change of the engine oil. When stepping from spring and into the summer, Santa Ana Auto Care generally recommends using an engine oil of a higher viscosity rating. Look for features with a better overall lubrication performance in higher temperatures. Remember, modern full synthetic oils will save you on a range of temperatures as they are of multi-viscosity with “10-40W” for example. This is important because summer will have many hot and humid days.

• Check Fluids and Add What’s Missing

Besides the engine oil, there are also a number of other fluids that you should check and refill. These include the transmission oil, the brake fluids, the coolant fluids and even the water spray. In addition to the water spray, the windshield wipers may have damage from previous rains. You may have to change the wiper blades as well.

• Wash Thoroughly and Wax

Finally, wash your car and get ready for bright summer days. After washing your car from top to bottom, add a wax coating to protect the color from the UV sun rays that will be intense during the Houston, Texas summer.

For help with your summertime maintenance, call Santa Ana Auto Care. Visit our shop during this Houston, Texas summer or schedule an appointment online to save 10 percent on repairs for your car.

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