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These Signs Mean It’s Time for a Summertime Spark Plug Change

When most vehicle owners think of auto maintenance, changing the spark plugs isn’t the first task that comes to mind. However, these small parts are essential to a properly functioning car and should be replaced when needed. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand the importance of vehicle maintenance, so we’ve laid out some signs that can mean it’s time to get your spark plugs changed this summer:


  1. Your Car Doesn’t Accelerate Quickly

As your vehicle’s primary driver, you are likely familiar with the way your car drives and handles. If the car isn’t responding like normal when trying to accelerate, it may be due to worn spark plugs. To avoid driving a sluggish car, stop by a Houston, Texas, auto shop to have your spark plugs inspected.


  1. It’s Difficult to Start Your Vehicle

The spark plugs in your car play an important role – they provide the spark that powers the engine and allows your car to run. If the spark plugs are worn out or old, they will have a hard time creating this spark. If your vehicle stalls when trying to turn it on, it could indicate issues with the spark plug wires or the plugs themselves.


  1. You’re Past the Changing Interval in Your Owner’s Manual

It’s always important to stick to the service schedule outlined in your owner’s manual.  This provides you with an easy outline of when your vehicle needs certain services. Take a minute to review the owner’s manual for your car. If you notice you’ve passed the mileage interval to have your spark plugs changed, be sure to visit a mechanic shop in Houston, Texas, for a replacement.


  1. You’re Stopping at the Fuel Pump More Often

Spark plugs in need of replacing can lead to more trips to the gas station. Worn spark plugs can’t effectively burn fuel that goes into the engine, meaning your vehicle consumes more fuel and requires more trips to the pump.


  1. Rough Engine Idling

Take a listen to your engine as it is idling. Do you hear anything unusual? Rattling, knocking, or pinging can indicate issues with the spark plugs. A trip to a Houston automotive shop can help address this issue before it leads to expensive engine repairs.


Spark plugs are an essential part of your vehicle. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs that can mean it’s time to have your car’s spark plugs replaced. For expert automotive services, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145.

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