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Signs You Need a Fuel Pump Service for Your Holiday Travels

The holiday season is here, and many Houston, Texas, residents are getting ready to travel to visit friends and family. When driving long distances, your fuel pump plays a major role in keeping you and your passengers safe, along with saving you money at the fuel pump. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we know everyone wants their holiday travels to go smoothly, so we’ve laid out some signs that your fuel pump needs help before you hit the road:


  1. Your Engine Fails to Start

A fuel pump malfunction can eventually lead to the need for a costly engine repair from a Houston, Texas, auto shop. When the fuel pump is unable to function correctly, it means that fuel cannot reach the engine when you start your vehicle. When this issue arises, you’ll notice that your engine will rev, but never catch. A Houston, Texas, auto shop will be able to diagnose and address the issue with your fuel system to get your car running smoothly again.



  1. Your Fuel Economy Drops

When it comes to traveling during the holidays, your car’s fuel economy is extremely important. If you’re noticing that you have to visit the pump more often, it could be a problem with the fuel pump’s relief valve. If the relief valve won’t open, it causes more fuel than is needed to flow into the engine system. Before heading out on your holiday travels, be sure to have a Houston, Texas, auto mechanic inspect your fuel system to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fuel economy.



  1. Your Engine Temperature Runs Hot

Your engine temperature can give you some clues about the way your fuel system is functioning. A rising temperature gauge combined with a stalling engine can mean problems with the fuel pump motor and can even indicate that it needs to be replaced entirely. Before your holiday travels, be sure to have any engine temperature issues addressed by a professional auto shop.



  1. Your Car is Losing Power

If you haul heavy cargo often and notice that your car suddenly is having issues carrying the extra weight, it could be a problem related to your fuel system. A weakened fuel pump decreases a car’s overall power due to an inability to provide your vehicle with the fuel it needs. If you notice that hauling your holiday cargo is more difficult than usual, be sure to visit an auto mechanic to address the problem before hitting the road to travel.


No one wants to deal with fuel pump problems when they’re getting ready to travel for the holiday season. To get your fuel system ready for your travel plans, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145.

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