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Be Sure to Check These 5 Things on Your Car Before Traveling for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and many residents in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas are preparing to take a road trip and travel to family member’s homes for the holidays. However, before hitting the road, drivers should make sure their car is in good working order and will get them safely to their destination. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we want everyone to enjoy their holiday travels, so we’ve laid out 5 things you should check on your car before traveling:


  1. Brake System

Your brakes are especially important when driving with other holiday travelers, as they are an essential line of defense against a collision. Inspect the braking system for any problems, like thin brake pads or leaking brake fluid before you hit the road. If you notice any issues during your inspection, be sure to visit an auto repair shop in Houston for a professional fix.


  1. Defroster

On cold days, your defroster is necessary to clearly see out of your windshield. However, if your car’s defroster isn’t working properly, it can be impossible to see clearly while you drive. To avoid a dangerous situation, be sure to check that your defroster is working properly. This can be done by simply turning the car on and seeing if the defroster is able to efficiently clear your windshield. If there seems to be an issue, it’s important to have it addressed before you begin traveling.


  1. Hoses/Belts

Failing belts or hoses in your car can easily put a damper on your travel plans, causing issues like an overheating engine or loss of your car’s electrical charging system. Because cold weather can make the hoses and belts brittle, be sure to inspect them thoroughly. Brittle belts or hoses indicate that you need to visit a Houston, Texas, automotive shop to address the issue.


  1. Headlights

Depending on how far you are traveling, you may find yourself driving during the night time. Make sure your headlights are working to ensure other drivers will see you on the road. If you notice that a bulb has burnt out, be sure to replace it before driving during the evening and nighttime hours.


  1. Fluids

The fluids in your car, like your motor oil, play an important role in your car. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to make sure all fluids are at the correct levels. If you notice any fluids leaking from your vehicle, it’s essential to visit a Houston, Texas, automotive shop to prevent any problems while you’re on the road.


Traveling for Thanksgiving can be exciting. However, getting to your destination safely is always the top priority. To get your car ready to safely travel this holiday, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145.

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