Think You Know the Truth About Your Brakes? Think Again!

You’ve heard the myths – those pesky rumors that float around about your braking system. With all of the different information out there, it can be hard for Houston, Texas, drivers to determine the real facts. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand the difference between fact and rumor is important, especially when it comes to your braking system, so we’ve busted some of the most common braking myths:

  • Wet Brake Rotors Increase Braking Time

While it is true that it takes longer to brake on wet roads, this has nothing to do with your braking system. Water on the rotor will quickly be wicked away by the force the braking system creates. The reason for the slower braking time on wet roads is actually due to the oil and grime that mixes with the rainwater. Essentially, the myth is only half true – wet tires and roads do increase braking time, but wet rotors do not.

  • Soft Brake Pads are Better Than Hard Brake Pads

You may have heard the terms “soft brake pads” and “hard brake pads,” and that soft brake pads are the better option. Actually, brake pads aren’t classified by “soft” or “hard.” Compressibility is tested and can impact the way your brakes feel, but it is not used to determine the pad’s braking ability. Simply use the brake pads that are recommended for your vehicle. If you’re not sure, a Houston, Texas, automobile shop will always be able to help.

  • You Need to Warm Up Your Brake Pads

The average street vehicle produces enough friction to effectively stop, even when the weather is cold. Whether your brakes have been warmed up or not, your car will come to a halt as it should. Typically, the only drivers that need to worry about warming up the brake pads are those involved in performance racing. However, for the average car, it is simply not necessary.

  • Slotted Rotors Help with Braking Performance

You may have heard that slotted brake rotors will help with your car’s braking performance, and it’s true...if you’re racing in the Indy 500. However, on your typical street car, these rotors don’t really make a difference. Racers use slotted rotors to help evenly distribute heat, but because of this, they wear out much more quickly than your average rotor. Don’t spend the extra money on frequent replacements – stick with normal brake rotors for your car.  Drivers that know the difference between myths and facts can drive (and brake) with confidence. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we offer expert automotive services to the Houston, Texas, area. Give us a call at (713) 956-1145 or visit us at

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