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The Top Back-to-School Driving Safety Tips for Your College Student

For many parents of college students, the thought of them driving back to campus for the new year can be unnerving, especially if they attend a school hours away. Keeping your college student safe while on the road is essential as they head back to school. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we understand that you want to keep your college student safe while driving, so we’ve laid out some helpful tips to share with them and keep them safe on the road back to campus:



  1. Tell Them Slow Down

Statistically, young drivers are the most likely to speed on the roadways, which can be dangerous and cause a collision. Make sure your college student heads back to campus early enough so that they have plenty of time to reach their destination. This can also allow extra time to deal with unexpected roadway occurrences, like a new construction area or a closed road.



  1. Remind Them to Put Their Phone Up

Your college student will be excited to see their friends again and may start texting more often as they get ready to see them. Remind them that distracted driving is dangerous, and strongly encourage them to put their phone out-of-reach while driving. No text is worth the risk of being involved in a dangerous accident.



  1. Have Them Check the Weather

Driving in heavy rain is difficult for any driver, especially if they are traveling long distances. Have your college student check the weather periodically in the days leading up to their departure to help them determine when they should leave. If they notice that it will be raining in the late afternoon, it may be better to have them leave earlier in the day to avoid driving on wet roads or in a heavy downpour.



  1. Have Them Get Their Car Checked Out by a Professional

Before your college student hits the road, be sure to have them visit a Houston auto shop for preventative maintenance services. This will allow a professional to perform any maintenance services needed and make sure that your student’s car will drive safely. Be sure to have them visit a few weeks before they leave to allow time for any important, unexpected repairs that may be needed.



  1. Make Sure They Have an Emergency Road Kit

By nature, emergencies are unexpected events, so it’s always better to be prepared for the unexpected. Have your student keep an emergency kit in their car to help them stay as safe as possible should an emergency situation occur. You can either purchase one or make one at home, but always be sure they contain a few key items, like:  a flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a small tool kit. It’s also a good idea to include a number to contact roadside assistance.



Back-to-school season can be worrisome for parents of college students, but these tips can help your child stay safe while they head back to campus. To help your student’s car get ready for the road, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145. We’re a leading name in auto care in Houston, Texas.

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