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Use These Tips to Help Your Brake Pads Last

Drivers in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas may find themselves needing brake pad replacements more often than they would like. While brake pad changes are essential for all vehicles, there are some steps you can take to help them stay at their best longer. At Santa Ana Auto Care, we know drivers want to keep their brakes in the best shape possible, so we’ve laid out some tips to help your brake pads last longer:


  1. Clean Out Your Car

If you’re carrying a lot of unnecessary cargo in your car, you’re adding to its overall weight. The heavier your vehicle is, the harder your brake pads must work. This means they will wear out at a much quicker rate and require replacement more often. Help your brake pads last by cleaning unnecessary items out of your trunk and backseat.



  1. Reduce Your Speed

The faster you drive, the more friction it takes for your car to come to a complete stop. This friction takes a toll on your brakes, wearing down the brake pads and decreasing their overall lifespan, eventually leading to total brake failure if left ignored. Keep your brake pads in mind by paying attention to your speed.



  1. Try Coasting

Coasting can help lighten the load on your brakes, reducing the amount of wear and friction on your brake pads. When you notice that you have to brake soon, remove your foot from the accelerator. This disengages the engine and helps slow the car without using your brakes.



  1. Avoid Riding Your Brakes

When riding the brakes, drivers place their foot on the brake pedals when they do not need to slow down or stop. This driving habit can mean bad news for your brake pads, as they are constantly working when they don’t need to. This leads to a decreased lifespan, leaving you constantly in need of a Houston auto shop for a replacement. Avoid riding the brakes by resting your foot on the far-left floorboard instead of the brake pedal.



  1. Talk to a Technician

Brake pads have become more complex as vehicles have evolved, with some containing multiple components. Some help you focus on vehicle economy, while some are more equipped to deal with heavy use and high heat. Talk to your auto technician about your driving habits to help determine which brake pads will last the longest in your car.


Eventually, all brake pads need to be replaced. However, these tips can help you get the most out of your current brake pads. To keep your brakes in top shape, give Santa Ana Auto Care a call at (713) 956-1145. We’re a leading auto shop in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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