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How Weather Change Affects Your Vehicle

November has begun, and the weather is changing here in Houston, Texas. While we may be enjoying the cooler temperatures, the weather change can affect your car in ways you might not know. Santa Ana Auto Care knows that you want to understand what’s going on with your car to keep it running at its best, so we’ve laid out what you need to know about how weather change affects your car:


  1. Tires


Cool weather can cause your tires to lose their efficiency. When the temperature outside your tire changes, the tire pressure inside the tire changes along with it. If your tire pressure was set during the hotter summer months, the cooler weather will cause the air in the tire to contract. This lowers tire pressure and causes your TPMS (tire pressure monitoring service) light to appear. If you notice this light, immediately check the tire pressure and set it to the amount recommended in your owner’s manual.


  1. Fluids


A drop in temperature can cause your car’s fluids to thicken. This includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, and even antifreeze. An easy way to prevent any malfunctions is to keep up with fluid changes during the cooler weather. A professional auto care center, such as Santa Ana Auto Care, can help you with these services.


  1. Fuel Economy


Unfortunately, the colder weather equates to a drop in the amount of gas mileage your car gets. Increased power consumption from seat warmers, decreased battery performance, and increased engine friction are just a few of the reasons you will notice a drop in fuel efficiency.  To combat this, park your car in a warmer place, such as your garage. This will help protect the car from the changing weather conditions outside.


  1. Car Battery


Cool weather can often cause a dead battery in your car. The battery works harder to start the car due to reduced starting capacity.  To prevent any problems on the road, consider buying a new car battery if it is more than four years old.


  1. Leaks


The metal and plastic used in cars will collect condensate when the weather changes frequently. If the temperature drops low enough to cause freezing in components such as the engine transmission system or power steering, leaking will occur. Keep a close eye on your car and how it is driving to prevent any malfunctions.


While Houston, Texas, is not known for its sub-zero temperatures, weather changes do happen. These changes affect your car, so keeping up with your car is even more important during the colder months. Santa Ana Auto Care can help keep your car in great condition this season. Give us a call at (713) 956-1145.

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